Cosmic Guardians ~ Birthing


 Is here to support us in becoming more empowered as parents and setting up the best ingredients for our children of 2020 and beyond. It takes a village to raise a child and The Cosmic Guardians want us to know that they are here, watching over earth as it is time to share their Sacred knowledge.

Come swim in the cosmic ocean of love where Mummy Daddy and baby align in the unionship of unconditional love.

The Cosmic Guardians govern the connection contracts and are here to support during the times of upgrading and hold our hands during the shifts of new guides.

 Assists in:
Increasing energetic fertility
Support during birthing ceremonies
Connecting with new guides
Feeling the presence of the divine mother and father
Connecting with newborn children
Feeling supported as a parent
Soul contract awareness
1221 DNA to support and protect our children with the energy of divine creation

     “I have recently fallen pregnant and my husband and I have been meditating with the Cosmic Guardian Spray, it has been such a pleasure and my husband is enjoying it also”
Libby Artist

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