Heart of Venus ~ True Love


Is here to support us in awakening the true pure love that vibrates within us and around us. Feel the love, passion, joy, and sacred unionship of the divine within us. This spray will assist us on our journey of self-love, exploring the elements of love and alignment of our soul’s purpose.

Supporting us to call in our beloved. Activating unionship and blessing the journey of co-creation.

Allow this spray to assist with awakening your alignment of love with passion and joy and multiple soulgasms.

 Assists in:
➣ Great to use before love making or self-pleasure
➣ Activating delicious pleasure
➣ Awakening true love
➣ Balancing the energy of giving and receiving
➣ Supports at any entry point of the twin journey

 “Love is behind me, love is before me, love is within me I am love”

    “Adriana, I wish I could drink this. Wow my heart is full of so much joy. My partner and I are absolutely feeling the multiple soulgasms! “

“Thank you, Heart of Venus.”
Melissa, Office executive”

 “Wow, I have had one of the most pleasurable organisms of my life”
Kylie Business Owner

 “I know when I came to you, I was feeling rejected. Since our healing and using Heart of Venus my wife is opening up so more and feeling the love I have for her, thank you we are connected deeply once again”
Phil Author and public speaker

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