Lemurian Star ~ Forgiveness


Is here to support us in letting go and activating the vortex of neutrality. Assisting us on our path of love and forgiveness so we can create peace.

The Lemurian Star is here to assist in the grand cleanse, by expanding the heart to receive a higher vibration of love, supporting us in breaking free from our illusions.

“It is our birthright to be free and walk with love”

  Assists in:
Forgiveness of self and others
Connecting with the rainbow warriors
Updating crystal DNA
Awakening courage and freedom
Connecting with Lemurian
Creating peaceful and loving connections
Clearing old beliefs
Awareness of our multidimensional timelines
Connecting to Akashic Records

 “I am ready to forgive and allow my heart to vibrate with love”

     “I have always found it easy to forgive others but not myself, absolutely incredible! I’m still in awe of it all what a beautiful experience”
Nadia Accountant and Mother of Two

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