Mary Magdalene ~ Authentic Self


 Is here to support in leading with our heart, to allow us to receive our soul keys through our rite of passage.

Assisting us on our journey of the physically embodiment of truth and love by removing the codes of abuse. Through the strength of the divine we will be able to resurrect our Ancient wisdom.

 Assists in:
➣ Connecting with the divine bloodline
➣ Blessing while we are in our menstrual flow and the first time of bleeding
➣ Great as a gift for a woman’s first-time bleeding
➣ Removing the codes of trauma and abuse
➣ Womb blessings
➣ Connecting with the Holy Grail
➣ Embracing the ancient codes of the wise woman

  “I am the one who shows up, I accept all of me. I am now my true self, I am one with source” 

   “When I use this, I can feel the trauma leaving my body, there has been much abuse in my life and it feels good to let it all go”
Katie Artist

 “Thank you Adriana, Mary Magdalene is one of my guides and we are becoming closer each time I use this and meditate”
Sandra Reiki Healer

“I love using this spray especially when I have my period, I feel the power in being a woman and I feel more connected to my gifts”
Liz Childcare assistant

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