Mermaid Love ~ Self Love Activation


Mermaid Love is here to support us in accessing a sense of freedom love and peace. Allow yourself to feel the mermaid love. Mermaids desire passion, beauty, enchantment, and purpose. Mermaids serve as a reminder to express our true self. It is time to awaken your inner goddess. Swim through the crystal waters allow her to lead you to the heart of the ocean where the love is abundant.

 Assists in:
➣ Feeling supported during dream state (for adults and children that have trouble sleeping)
➣ Resolving past lives
➣ Connecting with your true self
➣ Supports energetically repairing the heart
➣ Neutralising anxiety
➣ Amplifying self-love

 “I am free to be me, I allow my heart to flow with love”

“Mermaid love is the best, helps to relax. Love all of them!”
Alicia my beautiful sister, Real estate agent

 “Mermaid spray, it helps my daughter to calm herself before bed. Amazing energy spray. You can feel the shift when you spray”
Sue, Psychic healer

 “Mermaid Love is wonderful in assisting with raising the Self Love vibration and inviting Siren energy in.”
Bernadette, Psychic Medium and Holistic Therapist

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