Moses ~ Empowerment and Clearing


Is here support us in connecting with our power to clear, conquer and create. This spray will assist us on our journey of clearing pathways, conquering our temple, and creating miracles.

Allowing us to step into freedom, and our personal power.

As Moses reminds us that when we work with our creator anything is possible.

 Assists in:
➣ Reclaiming your personal power if you are feeling bullied
➣ Also great as a clearing spray for the home and between clients or visitors, love it as it clears and empowers at the same time
➣ Connecting with our values
➣ Clearing mental fog
➣ Connecting with Shungite crystal

 “I am a creator and I allow miracles to flow to me and through me”

   “Oh my gosh! This Moses spray is magical! I feel so empowered. It’s helped me with having healthy boundaries”
Jenny, Nurse

 “We were introduced to sacred essence a few months ago, I have found it to be a lovely ritual I do with my 7yr old daughter. We both have our own and different sprays. We both smell amazing, but I also find it to be a quick and special moment we have together, as we spray over head and body we get excited by what they bring”
Angela, Hairdresser”

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