Noha ~ Soul Purpose and Travel


Noah is here to support us in our multi-dimensional and physical travel.

Assisting us on our journey of following our true north and allowing us to make choices that are aligned with our soul’s true essence.

Allow this spray to assist with protecting and building our Arcs. Noah is a sacred traveller who shares the ability to move forward with love.

 Assists in:
➣ Connecting with our soul family
➣ Making decisions
➣ Building our arc, houses apartments and projects
➣ Great to keep in the car and bless your travels
➣ Soul purpose awareness
➣ Connect to the akashic records
➣ Meeting our gatekeeper

 “I am ready and open for my journey”

   “Noah has been a great support for me to see into other dimensions I feel safe to travel, and my son loves to use is in the car and giggle before we drive”
Harry, High school teacher

 “I have been using Noah before I build houses, I have noticed the process has been easier to get it done”
Joe Builder

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