Sweet Surrender~ Letting Go and Rebirth


Is here to support us in our sweet surrender and activate the template of total trust. Assisting us to let go of control and what is no longer serving us.

This spray celebrates the season of death of the old self and rebirth into the divine blueprint. Sweet surrender awakens true love in every season.

 ”I am the pure moment in time that is created when we truly let go and trust that will be lifted by the invisible hand I am sweet surrender”

 Assists in:
Developing inner trust
Surrender and letting go
Acceptance of self
Completion and endings
True self integration
Embodying the divine blueprint
Connecting with bliss
Meeting your guardian angel
Acknowledging all seasons

“Sweet Surrender is freedom in a bottle, a release from the shackles that have bound me for so long, I now surrender to the beauty and the abundance the universe has to offer me, Thank you so much”
Casey, Councillor and Gardner

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