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Sacred Essence

Adriana has launched Sacred Essence which are Multidimensional archetype activation sprays that support in your best alignment at any time in any season.

De'Vine Alignment

This De’Vine Essence will support us in connecting with our divine frequency. Through my discovery, I have noticed that there is a soul urge for completeness and this spray will assist in calling in the fragments of the soul to support our alignment and calling in the frequency of the mother and father energy. Allow our higher self to take us on a journey where we can discover our souls truth.

De’Vine alignment supports me during my meditation. It helps me to feel supported and comforted well I relax and receive guidance from my higher self. 

I also use it on my clients to amplify the healing and connection during the session. 

Daniel Healer


This Sacred Essence will support us in accessing more joy and fun into our life. Through my discovery, I have noticed that there is a soul urge for more fun. We are here to play and be In-Joy. Allow this familiar frequency to realign and create those joy filled shifts.

Funjevity is so amazing! Love using it every morning before starting my day! 💗

Jessie, Business owner

Funjevity keeps me feeling energised, sweet, happy and the smell is divine💛

Vanita, Mother of three

Love “Fun”. Funjevity picks me right up when I need it most and gives me the energy I need to continue spreading love and light.

Angelica, Zumba Goddess

Manifesting Magnet

This Sacred Essence will support us in manifesting what our heart and soul truly desires. Ignite the passion within your heart, open up to the infinite possibilities and allow yourself to be the magnet, embrace the journey of your creation.

I’ve been using Manifesting Magnet for 3 months now and it has really helped bring clarity to my manifestations and I’m seeing results! I love the smell too💗💗 

Carolyn, Hairdresser

Three Wise Men

“We are the three wise men from the Orion star. We come bearing gifts as today a star is born we welcome the star of Jesus”
This Sacred Essence will support us in accepting our soul gifts, the three wise men have traveled to bless us and activate the gifts within you.
They also share how important it is to be open to receiving.
As a galactic star seed it’s a reminder for us to connect with our star magic, which is another home for many of us on earth.

Three wise men, a profound loving energy protects me and helps me in what I feel I would like guidance in.

Micheal, Business Owner

So calming and soothing on my inner soul outstanding product thank you Adriana De Angelis Three Wise Men

Patrick, Machine operator

Three Wise Men is my all-time to zone for relaxing and focusing for meditation. Mermaid Love, for a dose of playfulness. It helps me remember to allow myself to self love, and also enjoy the essences to focus and realign myself back within the Divine Feminine, when everything feels like it is too much.

Gabby, Childcare Assistant

Mermaid Love

This Sacred Essence will support us in accessing a sense of freedom love and peace. Through my discovery, I have noticed that there is a soul urge for more freedom. Allow yourself to feel the mermaid love. They desire passion, beauty, enchantment and purpose. Mermaids serve as a reminder to express our true self. It is time to awaken your inner goddess. Swim through the crystal waters allow her to lead you to the heart of the ocean where the love is abundant.

Mermaid Love is wonderful in assisting with raising the Self Love vibration and inviting Siren energy in.

Bernadette, Psychic Medium and Holistic Therapist

Mermaid love is the best, helps to relax. Love all of them

Alicia my beautiful sister, Real estate agent

Mermaid spray , it helps my daughter to calm herself b4 bed . Amazing energy spray. You can feel the shift when you spray 💕🧞‍♀️🧜‍♀️

Sue, Psychic healer


This Sacred Essence will support us in connecting with our power to create. Through my journey, I have noticed that we are being called to clear, conquer and create. This spray will assist us on our journey of clearing pathways, conquering our temple and creating miracles.
Supporting us to clear the mental fog, protect our path, calling in divine order and allow us to step into freedom, and our personal power.
Allow this spray to assist us as we co-create the new world and plant the seeds of creation.
As Moses reminds us that when we work with our creator anything is possible.

Oh my gosh! This Moses spray is magical! I feel so empowered 

Jenny, Nurse

Heart of Venus

This Sacred Essence will support us in awakening the true pure love that vibrates within us and around us. Through my journey, I have noticed that we have a natural craving for more love, passion and joy, and to feel the sacred unionship of the divine within us. This spray will assist us on your journey of self-love, exploring the elements of love and alignment of our soul’s purpose.
Supporting us to call in our beloved. Activating unionship and blessing the journey of co-creation.
Allow this spray to assist with awakening your alignment of love with passion and joy and multiple soulgasms.

Adriana I wish  I could drink this. Wow my heart is full of so much joy. Thank you Heart of Venus 

Melissa, Office executive

Mary Magdalene

This Sacred Essence will support us in leading with our heart to allow us to receive our soul keys through our rite of passage. 

Assisting  us on our journey of the physically embodiment of the divine feminine and removing the codes of abuse. Through the strength of the divine we will be able to resurrect our Ancient wisdom. 

Allow this spray to assist us with awakening our divine goddess codes

Baptising our soul, “I am the woman who shows up, I accept all of me. I am now my true self, I am one with source” 

My experience with the Magdalene Essence has awakened my world more, allowing me to make way for everything the Great Mother has in store, and along the way. I was so frightened of the additional Priestess duties would entail, but Mary Magdalene essence, along with a heavenly activation, has lit the path.



This Sacred Essence will support us in our Multi dimensional and physical travel.

Assisting  us on our journey of following our true north and allowing us to make choices that are aligned with our souls true essence. 

Allow this spray to assist with protecting and building  our Arcs. Noah is a sacred traveler who shares the ability to move forward with love.

Lumerian Priest

This Sacred Essence will support us in letting go and activating the vortex of neutrality. Assisting  us on our path of love and forgiveness so we can create peace. 

The Lumerian Priest is here to assist in the grand cleanse, by expanding the Heart  to  receive a higher vibration of love, supporting us in  breaking  free from our  illusions. 

“It is our birthright to be free and walk with love” 

Warrior with Angel Wings

This book Was very blessed to write a chapter in this book “Mertopia”.
Allows us to open our hearts and reclaim the pieces knowing that with in us is the glue to put it back together. I trust that this will serve as a reminder that even in our darkest moment we can always chose love.


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