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Sacred Ceremonies

This ceremony is to welcome a new born baby to our world by blessing their path and creating unity within the family.

This ceremony is to let go of attachments and old traumas of the past and to become reborn with a fresh new perspective

This ceremony is for soul unity, the marriage of two souls. A blessing from the Stars and Mother Earth. Where vowels are exchanged and complete true love is embraced. A gathering to bring in our ancestors and all representations of true love to witness the unity of divine love with you and your beloved. 

This ceremony is to activate The masculine energy within and the feminine energy within together creating a beautiful harmonious relationship. 

It’s important to keep our sacred spaces energetically clean to bring in love and abundance.

Clearing out the negative energy to allow the positive. 

Sacred Nest

This is a one on one session that is specifically individualised to encourage empowerment and confidence, with special techniques to support children in maintaining their joy frequency

This is a one on one session for children or teens to relax and be heard supports in  minimising anxiety and learning how to share their feelings.

I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education which has allowed me the knowledge and understanding of how patterns are formed and through my intuition I’ve developed techniques to support children and teens on their journey.



A reading with guidance from the Angelic realm
A reading to gain further understanding of what’s occurring in the physical world
A reading to assist in understanding your gifts why you were here and what is in alignment with your soul contracts here on earth.
This reading is with shells I have a deep connection with the shell guardians and in this reading we also bless the shells for you to take home
This reading will assist you in understanding each part of yourself and what is happening in the present and what is in alignment for you it also allows me to connect with yourself in all dimensions and come together to gather information to support you in your current direction.

How special it is to know that you are able to support yourself in each dimension

Transformations and Activations

In this session we work with the DNA of your soul and re-energize the positive love frequency.
In this session we harmonise past lives to allow yourself to move forward
In this session we gather an understanding of your soul contracts and activate the gift that are available to you
Allow yourself to be pampered with Drum medicine the heart beat of Mother Earth. With either Butterfly medicine which assists in transformations or Skunk medicine for unity of all senses in all dimensions
In this session we negative emotions from the body to allow more peace in your life

This session is a channelled healing from the Angelic realm where the angels speak and sing through me, it’s a beautiful language from home the language of the soul 

This session is a channelled healing from all dimensions allow yourself to go on a journey and develop a deeper connection with your higher self and meet yourself in  other dimensions gathering the medicines of abundance love and peace to allow all of you to move forward


I had a beautiful Healing with Adriana about a week ago…. 🙂 all I can say is wow!! We shifted a lot of stuff and talked through some things I needed to sort out in my head and let go of. I walked away with a better understanding of myself as a woman and had confirmation on a lot I needed to know….. and the healing itself was amazing and I enjoyed all that was incorporated into by Adriana, it was on another level and she truly is a shining light. Thanking you Adriana for helping guide me to heal.


Adriana is absolutely wonderful!!! When any asks me if I know a great reader or healer, I send them Adriana’s way! She has such a beautiful gentle energy! She is an angel on earth! The reading I had was spot on!!!! Was exactly what I needed! 

Words can’t not explain how amazing this being is! Thank you for the wondering reading and becoming a great friend 


Adriana has an incredibly beautiful gift! Her presence makes you feel warm and welcome, the healing space she has created allows you to feel extremely comfortable, and her accuracy with the information she gives you, is truly amazing! I cannot Thank You enough Adriana, it has truly shifted me.


“As quite the follower of logic and proof, I was skeptical in doing a healing session with Adriana. But before I walked in the door I promised myself to open up and let what ever happen and trust in her.

As soon as I walked in I was welcomed into a safe and comfortable environment where I felt I was being heard and actually listened too. It provided for a new and pleasent experience of which I was so lucky to have. 

Thankyou Adriana for a professional and wholesome healing session.”


Having a healing session with this beautiful Galactic Goddess is truly a journey of adventure into wondrous realms, as you never know where it will take you! Adriana is a gentle, compassionate, and very wise old soul who has incredible intuitive and healing gifts. She has the ability to go anywhere in our Universe to retrieve wisdom and knowledge appropriate for your individual needs. She is always exquisitely guided to reveal the truth of each situation in order to guide you home to love and Unity. Adriana is truly a unique and very special Earth Angel. 


“Adriana is amazing! I have the opportunity to have an AQH session with her and she helped me to connect with one of my guides, she give me a symbol that can help me to work on my personal healing. She really saw very deep in my heart what I need it to heal and she does her work with a profound passion and harmony that comes from a true space of love. I am very grateful to her for helping me to empower myself in my spiritual development. I will recommend Adriana to anyone without doubt; she does much more than an AQH session! Love and light! “


“Adriana’s healing sessions were very heartfelt, gentle and insightful. She also gave me some tools to come away with which I could use to further my own healing and empowerment. 

Adriana comes from a space of love which shines through during her healing sessions. I would highly recommend a session with her.”


My beautiful Adriana.  How your healing has changed my world.  Hours after my healing I can still feel my heart chakra expanding and receiving.  I have a lot to digest from our session.  I have to integrate it all and then move forward into the unknown.  From the bottom of my heart thank you. 


“Adriana is a powerful and connected healer.  I emerged from a healing feeling euphoric, it was fantastic.  I would highly recommend this talented lady “



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